I am pleased to offer you the following private counselling sessions:

Mudra Practice
In private counselling sessions, individual mudras or meaningful mudra cycles can be put together according to personal needs. Each mudra is more effective when the respiratory rhythm is coherent and it is supported with the corresponding imagination and affirmation. These can also be individually customised.

Mantra Practice
Mantras are very useful for health, personal well-being and / or spiritual practices. How to find the right one, chant correctly and know where caution is called for can be worked out in individual counselling.

Power Mind Training
Since the release of my new book / card set, „How to achieve your heart’s desires with mantra, mudras and meditation, It is known that I have been successfully using the power-mind method which I learned from my first yoga teacher Selvarajan Yesudian. A personal concept can be developed in private counselling.

Costs:  CHF 100 per hour. Each additional minute costs CHF 1.