Welcome to my Website

On the following pages, you will discover more about me and the reason I write these books. Furthermore, you can see what services I offer and find out exactly what I mean when I refer to mantras and mudras.

Since 2012, I have been leading a meditation group dedicated to peace and environmental protection – to heal our planet. This project is particularly close to my heart and is a typical win-win project. Every good thought that we send out into the world goes two ways – out into the distance and inward into one’s own inner core. We can all contribute to the healing of our planet. Scientific studies have proven that praying an meditations helps. The big question is HOW – more about this under Heal-The-World.

Over the next few months, I will improve the content of this website, including the English version, and enrich it with mudras and mantras. – It will be worth visiting the website every now and then.